Kevin Harrison - Views of the Rhine

Here's one for the kids who like to dance. Kevin Harrison is a recent discovery of mine who was first brought to my attention by way of the Cherry Red compilation Perspectives and Distortion. His song "People in Space" was so full of intriguing sounds and atmosphere. Crazy dub rhythms. He's also collaborated with Steven Parker of Bron Area on an album called "Against the Light."

Kevin Harrison - Views of the Rhine.mp3
This song is absolutely fucking addicting. Originally released on the Fly EP Glass Records 1981.

I believe this is him - http://www.youtube.com/user/spectro52 (looks like he's uploaded an interview for the interested)

...which brings me to the Glass Records Story, an interview with owner Dave Barker brought to us by Iain McNay of Cherry Red. There's even some discussion of In Embrace so obviously this comes highly recommended!

Personally I don't see why Glass isn't as revered as a labels like Creation or Sarah. Scrolling through their list of releases and you'll see what i mean, mighty impressive!


Alan said...

Wow, how dull was that interview, they should by rights have some amazing stories to tell yet the guy from Glass seems to have forgotten everything, maybe too much chemical recreation?
It was nice to hear about In Embrace but I kind of got the feeling Mr Cherry Red was more enamored with them than Mr Glass.
They remain for me one of the greatest forgotten bands

Anonymous said...

I am The guy from Glass and I have forgotten nothing. What an insulting comment about chemical recreation. Who is this Alan prick? - Dave Barker