Brix Smith / The Adult Net

The Adult Net - Spin This Web.mp3

I'm quite certain this is taken from the Spin This Web (working album title before she started working on the album all over again with a different producer in '88 for the Honey Tangle album) sessions at Abbey Road from '86 to '87.

None of the Spin This Web sessions have been released except this lone track of the same name that appeared on a Sounds magazine EP from '87. I prefer this version to the one that appeared later on The Honey Tangle.

Photo © 1987 by Paul Lewis

Brix Smith interview from Sounds here

Gary Ogan & Bill Lamb "Portland"

Gary Ogan & Bill Lamb - Portland

transfered from my vinyl copy
picked this one up used while visiting Portland. Had a feeling I'd find it there.
released in 1972

(click images for a large scan. may take a little while to load)


Willie Alexander and the Boom Boom Band

debut album transfered from my vinyl copy

Willie Alexander and the Boom Boom Band

1978 MCA Records
Produced by Craig Leon

A. C. Marias - 1st single 1980 Drop/So


Dome Records 1980
Manufactored and Distributed by Rough Trade

(i think this is probably the first record sleeve art to have fake wear)