Kevin Harrison - Views of the Rhine

Here's one for the kids who like to dance. Kevin Harrison is a recent discovery of mine who was first brought to my attention by way of the Cherry Red compilation Perspectives and Distortion. His song "People in Space" was so full of intriguing sounds and atmosphere. Crazy dub rhythms. He's also collaborated with Steven Parker of Bron Area on an album called "Against the Light."

Kevin Harrison - Views of the Rhine.mp3
This song is absolutely fucking addicting. Originally released on the Fly EP Glass Records 1981.

I believe this is him - http://www.youtube.com/user/spectro52 (looks like he's uploaded an interview for the interested)

...which brings me to the Glass Records Story, an interview with owner Dave Barker brought to us by Iain McNay of Cherry Red. There's even some discussion of In Embrace so obviously this comes highly recommended!

Personally I don't see why Glass isn't as revered as a labels like Creation or Sarah. Scrolling through their list of releases and you'll see what i mean, mighty impressive!

Apoptygma Berzerk - Moment of Tranquility

Throwing a major curveball straight into the glove of NOSTALGIA. Bought Apoptygma's "Welcome to Earth" ten years ago (the year it was released) and used to play this song to death. Not too sure how I feel about it these days but set to this Twin Peaks edit I figured it was worth a post because I've not seen Twin Peaks in a while.
This is mostly a product of my discovering an old tracklist that I made for a friend around 2000 that has me WISTFULLY listening again to these tragic and grossly ethereal songs. I gotta admit, I still really like almost all of it. You'll see what I mean in the next few days when I put together a mix for the blog, hopefully raising a few eyebrows along the way! Wasn't Legend my favorite movie back then afterall?


Rose brings in Autumn

Enjoy these songs from Rose McDowall's beautiful Sorrow (with Robert Lee).

Sorrow - Haunting.mp3
Sorrow - Fear Becomes You.mp3
Sorrow - Let There Be Thorns.mp3
Sorrow - A Garland From the Moon (with Michael Cashmore).mp3
Sorrow - The Poppy Head.mp3
Sorrow - The Final Solstice.mp3
Sorrow - Emptyness.mp3

as a bonus here's the original debut single from Strawberry Switchblade, "Trees and Flowers"
note: this is very different from the album version and features Roddy Frame (Aztec Camera) on guitar and I believe that there's also someone from Madness playing on it.

Trees and Flowers.mp3


In Embrace - Wanderlust

Download Wanderlust by In Embrace

1. Writing Pictures
2. Your Heaven Scent
3. Emotional Punchbags
4. Trying Too Hard
5. Sun Brings Smiles
6. Play In Light
7. Tears Turn Fresh
8. Fluid
9. Love Among the Crumbs
10. The Living Daylights
11. Shadow and Substance
12. Under the Skin
13. Pine Needles

Gary Knight sings on all tracks, plays keyboards on 3, 5, 8, 10, 12 and bass on 9, 10, 11. Richard Formby plays guitar on 1, 2, 3, 8, 12 and keyboards on 4, 5, 13. Joby Palmer drums on 1, 2, 5, 6, 8, 9. Cameron Lindo plays guitar on 5, keyboards on 6 and piano on 7. Claire Johnson sings on 6 and 7 and talks on 13. Stephen Rees plays bass guitar on 1, 2 and 8. Sindy Star sings on 1. John A. Rivers plays keyboards on 1 and recording studio on all tracks. These songs are in Gary's own words of course except for 6, in Cameron's. 2, 5, 6, 8, 10 were on singles, 5, 7 were on the Passionfruit Pastels album of 1982. 3, 4, 9, 12, 13 were on the Too album of 1983 and 11 was on the Glass compilation album of the same name. 1 was previously unavailable. The photograph of Gary is by Mitch Jenkins. The Photograph of Claire is by Gary.

1986 Glass Records


Preposterous mix #9

Download Part 1 (Songs #1-13) / Part 2 (Songs #14-24)

1. Citrus - A Speeding Wheel, Speedway Wheels
2. Dunes - Armor
3. The Telescopes - All A Dreams
4. Bron Area - Sometimes in Water...
5. Swans - The Other Side of the World
6. The Langley Schools Music Project - Venus and Mars/Rock Show
7. Spiritualized - Anyway That You Want Me
8. The Stars of Heaven - Telescope
9. The Wedding Present - Carolyn
10. Salon Music - O Boy
11. Bridge - Change
12. Cornelius - Lazy
13. Citrus - Ripple in Still Water
14. Future Bible Heroes - Lonely Days
15. Saint Etienne - Everything Flows
16. Teenage Fanclub - Baby Lee
17. His Name Is Alive - The Dirt Eaters
18. Straitjacket Fits - She Speeds
19. Swans - The Sound of Freedom
20. Felt - Apple Boutique
21. John Cale - Chinese Envoy
22. Broadcast - Poem of Dead Song
23. Bridge - Slow Strawberry Bicycle
24. Citrus - Every Song Landed Near By His Fireplace

photography by me