Nacre - Sounds & Songs

Sounds & Songs in no particular order by:
The SilvermanMathias Grassow, Alio Die, Piano Magic, James Johnson, Chihei Hatakeyama, Ben Livingston, Main, Edward Ka-Spel, Quiet Evenings, Loscil, Ghosts on Water, Lawrence English, Origami Galaktika, Cindytalk, Coil, Spectrum, Experimental Audio Research, Jonathan Coleclough & Colin Potter, Merzbow & Christoph Heemann, Mirror, Lull

Photography by myself


October's mix

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1. The Modern Art - (Trying To Find) The Hidden World
2. Microdisney - Pink Skinned Man
3. Edward Ka-Spel - Flesh Parade
4. Hirsche nicht aufs Sofa - Hirse (H.N.A.S.)
5. Vox Populi! - Djamileh
6. Swans - In My Garden
7. Lou Miami & The Kozmetix - Dance with Death
8. Lustmord - Part IV (from Heresy)
9. Mass - Innocence
10. The Modern Art - Landscape From A Dream
11. Anne Clark - Sleeper in Metropolis
12. Abecedarians - The Misery of Cities
13. And Also the Trees - Out of the Moving Life of Circles
14. New Order - Cries & Whispers
15. Cabaret Voltaire - Diskono
16. SPK - Wars of Islam
17. Sad Lovers And Giants - Imagination
18. Killing Joke - The Hum
19. Sean McCann - Unfolding Angels
20. James Johnson - House of Mist
21. Throbbing Gristle - Wall of Sound
22. Amon Düül II - Pale Gallery
23. Current 93 - Black Sun Bloody Moon (aka One Eye)
24. Current 93 - Lashtal
25. Aleister Crowley - Every Man And Every Woman Is A Star
26. Voltaic Omen - Lecanomancy


First Chips (Vyto Beleska) "Fire Mountain"

mind blowing hidden gem of a song

for the curious listener here's a strange piano driven tune by Vyto from his solo record "Tricentennial 2076" from 1976.


Ben Livingston

best sounds coming out of Marin County. from his latest released titled ""


guineafowl (24 songs and 24 images)

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1. Seaworthy - I Met Her In The Candy Store
2. Salon Music - Slider
3. Disco Inferno - New Clothes for the New World
4. Chris Carter - Moonlight
5. Abecedarians - Soil
6. Cindytalk - The Moon Above Me
7. Emeralds - Goes By
8. Steve Hauschildt - Blue Marlin
9. Stephen - Blowing
10. Bleach - Seeing
11. Massive Stereo Sellout - Hope
12. Kevin Harrison - Melodica Melodica
13. DMX Krew - Emerging Technology
14. Clara Mondshine - Memorymetropolis
15. Hayao Yamaneko - Junker [Clio - Eyes]
16. Able Tasmans - And Relax
17. Tor Lundvall - Green And Grey
18. The Wild Swans - Thirst
19. Abecedarians - Benway's Carnival
20. Reformed Faction - The War Against...
21. Asuna + Opitope - Column of Air
22. Andrew Chalk & Daisuke Suzuki - Mirages
23. Lawrence English - ...And Clouds For Company
24. Chihei Hatakeyama - A Temple In The Past


John Bolino + Slayer


SSM JOHN BOLINO from Brian Shima on Vimeo.

I ran into John as he was filming for this here in Berkeley. Turns out this is the sickest (wickedest?) skate edit ever made.


Six Eleven

Download here
1. Television Personalities - You're Younger Than You Know 2. Northern Picture Library - Breaking 3. Nocturnal Projections - Understanding 4. Stockholm Monsters - Life’s Two Faces 5. múm - The Ballad of the Broken Birdie Records (Ruxpin remix II) 6. Nurse With Wound - Intravenous (Plump Aerospheric Mix) 7. Flying Saucer Attack - Distance 8. Pacific 231 & Vox Populi! - Nymphea 9. Two Daughters - Ladder of Souls 10. Roland Bocquet - Exotique 11. Todd Rundgren - Does Anybody Love You? 12. The Telescopes - All A Dreams 13. The Urinals - Black Hole 14. Moonshake - Gravity 15. Vikki Jackman - A Summer Interlude 16. Flying Saucer Attack - Crystal Shade 17. Sigur Rós - Untitled (8)

mix made for a friend whose birthday is today


Lee Jackson musical tribute

I just found out today that an old music friend left the earth in late March. He was such a good person and extremely passionate about music. We started corresponding around the year 2000. I hope he can hear this wonderful tribute compilation from the beyond.


He was a frequent longtime contributor to Foxy Digitalis http://www.digitalisindustries.com/foxyd/writers.php?which=22
He also had a blog http://womblife.blogspot.com/


Flâneur Songs

1. Rollerskate Skinny - Swab the Temples 2. Sean McCann - Star Charge 3. Pantaleimon - The Sun Came Out (Dawn Porous) Colin Potter remix 4. Orbital - Planet of the Shapes 5. Bola - Forcasa 3 6. Salon Music - Wanna Be Tied 7. Mahogany - Supervitesse Extended Mix 8. Television Personalities - The Dream Inspires 9. Pauline Anna Strom - Gossamer Silk 10. Pauline Anna Strom - Morning Splendor 11. Conrad Schnitzler - Ballet Statique 12. Harald Grosskopf - Synthesist 13. Vikki Jackman - Nightingales 14. Kaleidoscope - Dear Nellie Goodrich 15. The Mantles - Don't Lie 16. The Stars of Heaven - What Else Could You Do 17. My Bloody Valentine - Angel 18. Fennesz - Endless 19. Violens - Sariza Spring 20. Boards of Canada - Gyroscope 21. Panabrite - Index of Gestures 22. Motion Sickness Of Time Travel - The Walls Were Dripping With Stars

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Chris Carter - Outreach / Slomo

from the fantastic album The Space Between. "The tracks were recorded between 1977 & 1980 at the studios of Industrial records and Throbbing Gristle. Some were recorded onto cassette format and as such retain some of the qualities inherent in that medium."


Mushroom Blading Volume 6 / Kevin Yee profile

last month i got back on the skates (rollerblades). it had a been an 11 year hiatus since i completely stopped. i believe once you've dedicated so many years of your youth to something that blissfully dominated your existence that the desire never quite leaves you to go and do it again, to figure out tricks and to experience having wheels directly beneath your feet, and importantly to feel connected to others who are also out there with you. i enjoy how the sport is unpopular and underground. similarly to the music i listen to, it feels personal and magical so to speak to be part of a minority that shares in the passion of something under appreciated. it also feels defiant and powerful to go out on the streets rolling against an activity that has a very public stigma attached to it propagated largely due to the skateboard community/media propaganda.
i owe a large part of the path of getting back onto the blades to a bay area local skater named Kevin Yee. he spotted me wearing an old skate bag manufactured by an obsolete old skater owned company called Senate. this was here in Berkeley, and i was using the bag as a means to transport records to sell to a store. up to that point i wasn't really focused on what was happening in the scene. he brought up a website that he co-runs and when i got home i checked it out and started getting into watching the videos, completely renewing my interest. he also mentioned, much to my surprise, there was a weekly skate session happening in Oakland. I hadn't really seen more than one or two people on the blades during the time i moved from South Carolina to California, which was about 7 years by that point. i started watching the short edits of those very sessions online. maybe about a year later i got around to seeing some of the old and new videos of Kevin Yee's skating which completely blew me away through his creativity and style. then, i came aross the mushroom blading guys, two weirdo Canadians who i feel a deep kinship with, Joey McGarry & Todd McInerney. these inspirations combined with the encouragement from a longtime friend and old skate buddy, Smiley (who also rips!), have given me a new lease on life. i feel so much happier now that i'm rolling again.
hopefully someone who has no idea how fun and exciting this sport can be will take something away from these videos. definitely give the mushroom blading one a chance if you think it too odd at first, the end portion is really ecstatic, Herzog would approve i'm sure. Not to mention probably the first and only skate video in existence to have a Denim song.

Mushroom Blading Volume.6: Wacky Mode Part II from Joey MCgarry on Vimeo.

Deal With It TV - Kevin Yee Profile from Matthew Rice on Vimeo.


Vernal Pools mix

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1. Mirror - Untitled 2
2. Chihei Hatakeyama - Bonfire On The Field
3. Loscil - Fern and Robin
4. Aphex Twin - Rhubarb
5. Klaus Wiese - Noor
6. Rapoon - Breathing Gold
7. Seefeel - Tempean
8. Kyle Bobby Dunn - Empty Gazing
9. Peter Wright - Cruise Missiles
10. Robin Storey & Nigel Ayers - Wraiths And Eidolons
11. Christoph Heemann - Lazy Moon II
12. Darren Tate & Andrew Liles - Without Season Pt. III
13. Current 93 - The Long Shadow Falls
14. Windy & Carl - Balance (trembling)
15. Andrew Chalk - 27' 17"


Darren Tate & Andrew Liles - Without Season Pt. III



Mix Eleven

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1. Johnny Dangerously - Junk Culture
2. Microdisney - Idea
3. The Wild Poppies - This Person
4. Flipper's Guitar - Joyride
5. The Friendly Fires - Arkansas
6. McCarthy - Unfortunately
7. Strawberry Switchblade - Secrets (Robin Millar version)
8. Dead Famous People - Barlow's House
9. Section 25 - Back to Wonder (12" version)
10. Autechre - Slip
11. Dissolve - Presume Too Far
12. Auburn Lull - A Harbored Distance
13. Area - I'll Gather Flowers
14. Mark Fry - Song For Wilde
15. Lal & Mike Waterson - The Scarecrow
16. Vox Populi! - Trois Gouttes De Sang
17. Peter Jefferies and Jono Lonie - At Swim 2 Birds
18. My Bloody Valentine - All I Need
19. Happy Mondays - Olive Oil
20. The Wake - World of Her Own
21. The Pale Fountains - Jean's Not Happening
22. Indian Rope - Gravity
23. The Past Seven Days - Raindance
24. Lowlife - I Don't Talk To Me
25. Disco Inferno - Love Stepping Out
26. Chihei Hatakeyama - Calm
27. Roedelius - Oh, Du Grüne Neune
28. Brian Eno - Night Thoughts
29. Peter Wright - White Caps
30. Dead Voices on Air - Something Maybe