Dave Kusworth

Somewhat of a rarity (appeared as a bonus song on the Wives, Weddings and Roses cd), I hope you enjoy Dave Kusworth's The Kiss That Cut You In Half.


Cindytalk - The Crackle of My Soul

I'm rarely excited about new music, but this has me very ecstatic! about damn time Cinder!


Preposterous mix #4

Download Part 1 / Part 2

1. The Blue Nile - I Love This Life
2. Able Tasmans - Hold Me I
3. Ludus - The Escape Artist
4. The Bats - Claudine
5. Toy Love - Squeeze
6. The dB's - Neverland
7. Wire - Feeling Called Love
8. The Equals - Michael and the Slipper Tree
9. North of Cornwallis - Billy Liar
10. Biff Bang Pow! - In A Mourning Town
11. Sparks - Alabamy Right
12. Dalek I Love You - Astronauts (Have Landed on the Moon)
13. Hawkwind - You'd Better Believe It (Single version)
14. Felt - Tuesday's Secret
15. Revolving Paint Dream - Sun Sea Sand
16. Fantastic Something - Melancholy Bay
17. Kevin Ayers - May I?
18. John Cale - Fear Is A Man's Best Friend
19. The Rolling Stones - Ride on, Baby
20. Pink Industry - What I Wouldn't Give
21. Anne Clark & Vini Reilly - Echoes Remain Forever
22. The Crystals - He Hit Me (It Felt Like a Kiss)
23. The Lilac Time - The Lost Girl In The Midnight Sun
24. The Harvest Ministers - Grey Matters

cover painting by Hercules Seghers

I realized that I have the same Able Tasman's song on my last "preposterous" mix. To make up for it I'm putting up two different Able Tasman songs: Dog Whelk 2.mp3 & The theory of continual disappointment.mp3