Preposterous mix #6

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1. High Rise - Cycle Goddess
2. Theatre of Hate - The Hop
3. Clock DVA - 4 Hours
4. The Comsat Angels - Eye of the Lens
5. D.A.F. - Nacht Arbeit
6. Yazoo - In My Room
7. Family Fodder - The Big Dig
8. Taxi Girl - Aussi belle qu'une balle (long version)
9. Les Calamités - Vélomoteur
10. Rosemary's Children - W.W.1
11. Desperate Bicycles - (I Make The) Product
12. Blueboy - Meet Johnny Rave
13. The Shapiros - Cry For A Shadow
14. In Embrace - Emotional Punchbags
15. The Cat's Miaow - I Hate Myself More Than You Do
16. The Stems - At First Sight
17. A Riot of Colour - Put To Sleep
18. The Chamber Strings - I Can't Lose
19. Dislocation Dance - Tyrannies of Fun
20. The Bevis Frond - Hurt Goes On
21. Shop Assistants - After Dark
22. Rosemary's Children - Southern Fields
23. Last Exit - Sand Dancer
24. The Church - It's No Reason

cover stars Taxi Girl


Malcolm said...

What a glorious discovery! I was tooling around on last.fm and you came up as listening to Dislocation Dance's "Tyrannies of Fun" at the same time as me - preposterous, right? So I click through to find this treasurehouse of music from my golden youth. Thank you for pulling this together. Thank you!

David Lawrence said...

I know, what are the chances of listening to a rather obscure song at the exact moment of someone else in the world? I'm not much of a Dislocation Dance fan, but that song is just lovely.
You should add me on last.fm as a friend.
Glad you enjoy the mix!