preposterous mix #5

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1. Cindytalk - My Sun
2. The Cannanes - Dead Animal
3. In Embrace - Half Awake (Mountains)
4. Chrome - Electric Chair
5. The Desert Wolves - Besotted
6. Siouxsie & the Banshees - Dazzle
7. Levitation - Attached
8. Ride - Taste
9. Apple Boutique - Love Resistance
10. The Subterranean Hawks - Big Store
11. The Fresh & Onlys - Invisible Forces
12. Pink Industry - Don't Let Go
13. The Chameleons - Time / The End of Time
14. Lowlife - Wild Swan
15. Breathless - Pride
16. The Cannanes - We Drink Bitter
17. In Embrace - Clutching
18. Kurt Vile - Goodbye Freaks
19. The King of Luxembourg - Poptones
20. My Bloody Valentine - Kiss the Eclipse
21. The Boy Hairdressers - The Assumption As An Elevator
22. How Many Beans Make Five? - I Could Well Believe That
23. Cleaners From Venus - I Can't Stop (Holding On)

photo by me


Anonymous said...

llevo tiempo buscando cosas de in embrace

un saludo


Anonymous said...

por cierto

no conoceras un banda llamada the wild indians?????


David Lawrence said...

no, never heard The Wild Indians...couldn't find much about them on the internet either.

Anonymous said...


The Lastmix said...

hi,! great blog, but how come the last post is from october??

No Peace for the Wicked said...

please re-up. Also, nice photograph what did you take it of?

No Peace for the Wicked said...

Viola! It's working now. Thank you, and I like the prism. I heard a Yo La Tengo cover of "The Whole of the Law" and it felt very wrong...