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1. John Cale - Mr. Wilson
2. Levitation - Smile
3. Brian Eno - The Dove
4. Eyeless in Gaza - New Risen
5. The Dream Syndicate - That's What You Always Say
6. The House of Love - Ray
7. The Railway Children - A Gentle Sound
8. The Go-Betweens - Cattle and Cane
9. Jacobites - Before I Die
10. Emitt Rhodes - With My Face on the Floor
11. Razorcuts - Jade
12. Strawberry Switchblade - Trees and Flowers (single version)
13. The Teardrop Explodes - ...And The Fighting Takes Over
14. Mellonta Tauta - Elefantes
15. Kendra Smith - Interlude - Saturn
16. Heidi Berry - Gather All the Hours
17. The Pastels - Comin' Through
18. Flamin' Groovies - Way Over My Head
19. Primal Scream - Velocity Girl
20. The Chameleons - The Fan and the Bellows
21. The Only Ones - The Whole of the Law
22. Weekend - Nostalgia
23. Cindytalk - Through Flowers
24. The Dentists - I Had An Excellent Dream

images from the film "Valerie and Her Week of Wonders" (Valerie a týden divu)


Arloted said...

I have never heard of this movie before.... but I think I will love it. This is my favorite mix so far. thanks.

David Lawrence said...

it's a very interesting movie visually. i need to watch it again soon. delighted to know you like the mix! i put some effort into that one ;)

No Peace for the Wicked said...

this is the first mix I have divulged in on your site, and I must say it is a fabulous mix. Grazie!