Alan Licht Has Ruined Music For An Entire Generation

like Lester Bangs said of Lou Reed's Metal Machine Music, the Calvin Johnson Has Ruined Rock For An Entire Generation 7" can be used to clear up your head when you wake with a hangover (and "to prepare you for what's in store the rest of the day"). I woke up slightly hungover today, but didn't test this till much later in the day. Maybe it was the food or green tea that eased my agony, but hearing this certainly didn't hurt.

download - Side A Tone Poem For the Nikki Sixx Million / Side B Six Million Licks For Tone Lōc

Has the "Calvin" 7" gotten any comments? I cracked up when I saw the sleeve.

ALAN: Well, Calvin has not been reached for comment... I was always more of a Heather fan, anyway... Jon Fine came up to me accusing me of "stealing" the title from (Sub Pop's) Nils Berstein, who originally coined the phrase. When I pointed out that I credited "all songs" on the record to Nils, he confessed that he hadn't actually bought or even heard the record, just saw the cover. It's not that much of a "statement," just a t-shirt Nils gave me. I have a t-shirt that says "Wheelchair Sports" on it, I could have called it that too. By the way, there's a track on the new Free Kitten LP called "Alan Licht Has Ruined Music For An Entire Generation."

from an interview here

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