Wendy Carlos Vs. Momus

I knew Momus offered fans the opportunity to have a song written about them for $1,000 and included on his Stars Forever album, but I couldn't remember why he needed the money. Turns out it was because he wrote a song about Wendy Carlos, a tribute no doubt, that Ms. Carlos obviously took offense to. All was settled out of court and he had to pay $30,000 as well as removing the offending song from an album.

One father had Momus write a song about his kid. I love his reaction when asked about the song...

"Noah's father, Michael Brill, a longtime Momus fan, says the decision to get involved with the project was a no-brainer. "It's pretty cool to have a song written about your son," he says of the track, which highlights his kid's love for sushi and tarantulas. "Noah sings it all the time." When asked about his inclusion on "Stars Forever," however, Noah jumps up and down and runs away yelling, "No, no, no! Aaaaaah!"

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