Ambient Four

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1. Steve Roach - Quiet Canon (excerpt)
2. This Mortal Coil - A Heart of Glass
3. Penguin Cafe Orchestra - Piano Music
4. Windy & Carl - Consciousness
5. The Legendary Pink Dots - Small Anthem
6. Cocteau Twins - Otterly
7. Northern Picture Library - Into the Ether
8. Harold Budd - Children on the Hill
9. Laraaji - Meditation #1 (excerpt)
10. Wendy Carlos - Fall (excerpt)
11. Neu! - Im Gl├╝ck
12. David Sylvian - Approaching Silence (excerpt)
13. Cindytalk - Angel Wings
14. Kendra Smith - Iridescence 31
15. Penguin Cafe Orchestra - Now Nothing
16. Cluster - In Ewigkeit
17. Tangerine Dream - Origin of Supernatural Probabilities (excerpt)
(photography & design by myself)

the length of this mix exceeds that of a cd. if you want to make a cd then you'll have to divide it into two. i doubt many people really even find the need to burn cds anymore and just use the mp3s on their players and computers.


error7zero said...

No. I still like the structure of CDs, and the discipline of album assembly. You have done well.

Anonymous said...

Just discovered these Ambient mixes recently and have really been enjoying them. Nice combination of things I know and love already with things I haven't heard before. One problem: the link for Part 2 of the Ambient Four mix no longer works. Any chance of a repost?

David Lawrence said...

Strange timing since as you'll see later this evening there will be a new Ambient mix posted. Once I'm finished working on this one I'll correct the part 2 link. Thanks for notifying me.