Sarah Records mixes

my "best of" Sarah Records

download Part 1 / Part 2
(for the first mix)

1. The Field Mice - Emma’s House
2. The Sweetest Ache - If I Could Shine
3. The Springfields - Sunflower
4. The Sea Urchins - Pristine Christine
5. St. Christopher - All of A Tremble
6. Another Sunny Day - You Should All Be Murdered
7. Heavenly - Our Love is Heavenly
8. Brighter - I Don’t Think it Matters
9. The Orchids - Something For the Longing
10. Even As We Speak - Swimming Song
11. The Harvest Ministers - Six O’Clock Is Rosary
12. The Sea Urchins - A Morning Odyssey
13. East River Pipe - Make A Deal With The City
14. The Wake - Crush The Flowers
15. Secret Shine - Into The Ether
16. The Field Mice - Missing The Moon
17. Another Sunny Day - Rio
18. 14 Iced Bears - Come Get Me
19. Secret Shine - Underworld
20. The Forever People - Sometimes
21. The Poppyheads - Dreamabout

download part 1 / part 2
(for the second mix)

1. Another Sunny Day - Anorak City
2. Brighter - Poppy Day
3. East River Pipe - Ah Dictaphone
4. Even As We Speak - Falling Down The Stairs
5. Heavenly - Sort of Mine
6. The Field Mice - So Said Kay
7. The Sweetest Ache - Tell Me How it Feels
8. The Orchids - Bemused, Confused, & Bedraggled
9. 14 Iced Bears - Sure To See
10. The Sea Urchins - Please Rain Fall
11. Action Painting! - These Things Happen
12. The Golden Dawn - George Hamilton’s Dead
13. Secret Shine - Loveblind
14. The Wake - Provincial Disco
15. Another Sunny Day - The Centre of My Little World
16. Blueboy - Lazy Thunderstorms
17. The Harvest Ministers - You Do My World The World of Good
18. St. Christopher - Salvation
19. Heavenly - Cool Guitar Boy
20. The Field Mice - If You Need Someone
21. Secret Shine - Temporal
22. Northern Picture Library - Paris

for more info on this great label: Sarah Records & Shinkansen (Matt Haynes)
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ambient said...



David Lawrence said...

Eternally not that good. Secret Shine for me are where it's at for Sarah shoegaze.

Cousin Craig said...

Aww, love both Eternal and Secret Shine. The Second part of the second mix fails to decompress though... :(

David Lawrence said...

thanks for bringing that to my attention, i'll have it fixed later today.
For me, that Eternal record sounds sluggish and muddy. I still do enjoy it somewhat, but in comparison to many other acts on Sarah, is quite forgettable. I think the Slowdive connection gets people more excited about it, but what do i know! :)

David Lawrence said...

ok, part 2 of mix two works

Tim said...

No Hit Parade??

Anonymous said...

Great music but no Heavenly -Atta Girl and no Blueboy- Dirty Mags!

Anonymous said...

yay! thank you ive been looking for this kind of mix tape since fuck you i'm twee joy of kittenhood links died. :)