A.C. Marias - Some Thing

this is the B-side to her cover of Time Was. Amazing lineup of Barry Adamson, Bruce Gilbert and Rowland S. Howard.

download A.C. Marias - Some Thing


Arloted said...

Love your taste in tunes. I stumbled upon your blog when looking for cover artwork to go with my McCarthy post... and realized you also noticed the Pale Saints comparison. I love this track.

cinder said...

was quite fond of a.c. marias.specifically "just talk" which i sampled for a track on cindytalk's
"the crackle of my soul" album.the video for "just talk" was excellent too... cx

David Lawrence said...

i'll listen for the sample. that is a cool video, very minimal if i remember correctly. her sitting/lounging in a chair.

is Crackle getting an official release soon?