A. C. Marias - 1st single 1980 Drop/So


Dome Records 1980
Manufactored and Distributed by Rough Trade

(i think this is probably the first record sleeve art to have fake wear)


Anonymous said...

Holy Sh#!

I've been hunting for this for ages...

You've just made a hardcore Wire fanatic very happy!


Alexander Bailey said...

Whack. This thing really had a sleeve? My copy (found in the mid or late 80s) came in a generic white paper inner sleeve and nothing else, and at some point I saw a second copy, also apparently sans sleeve. I always figured it was a freebie that had been separated from its parent LP, magazine, or whatever.

David Lawrence said...

maybe the store employees thought the sleeve was damaged because it has that fake worn look. it's definitely the proper sleeve because I've seen other copies (online) that have it also.

Anonymous said...

big thanks! Only had a crappy version from youtube so far!